Adult Programs

Adults Programs

Many people already know that studying Karate improves fitness, helps reduce weight and improves self-defense capabilities. But what many people overlook are the following benefits of training. Her are a few:

1. Stress Relief
Once in the Karate Dojo, lined up in file and rank in front of the Sensei, the students are taken away from their daily worries for 90 minuets. Collectively following cadences of the Sensei counting repetitions of calisthenics, techniques, kicks and kata, the students are focused on their activity leaving the stressors in their lives behind.

2. Increased Energy
Exercise creates a healthier cardiovascular system, which in turns moves more oxygenated blood throughout your body, more efficiently resulting in higher energy levels. Regular exercising helps you sleep more sound at night giving you more energy during the day.

3. Improved Coordination and Reflexes
Beginners expect to lose weight, get stronger and improve their cardiovascular system, but are surprised when they find themselves catching a glass falling from the counter. The increased reflexes can be used in many daily activities to include driving and operating machinery.

4. Increased Balance
5. More Motivation

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