\ Columbus Shorin-Ryu Karate Dojo

Children’s Program:

The Children’s program continues the Kinder student on their path of learning Karate with an extension of class time and physical requirements. This program teaches a younger student how to be respectful of others, instills imposed discipline that turns into self-discipline and self-defense. The student learns the importance of goal setting and that hard work with persistence creates strength and endurance. The goal setting is necessary for the student to move up the rank structure with the ultimate goal of becoming a black belt and even a Karate instructor.

The physical task of Karate requires concentration and focus skills which helps strengthen the mind leading to good judgment skills. The developing of the students mind improves coordination and situational awareness leading to more self-confidence and independence.

A typical Children’s class will be 60 minutes long that start and end with a bow to the Sensei. In addition to learning skilled techniques as punching, kicking and blocking the student is introduced to Kata training (an arrangements of movements) to stimulate the beginning of learning how to apply the skilled techniques in self-defense. The students are introduced to Kumite (sparring with a partner) and different philosophical approaches to Kumite.

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